WILDCOAST – A voice for the coast and the ocean

Coastal Leaders Internship

**Calling all ocean loving Indigenous youth in San Diego County**


If you are 13 years old or older looking for an internship opportunity then look no further. WILDCOAST offers a 9- month uniquely tailored, high-impact, nature-based opportunity just for you. Areas of focus for this program include: ocean conservation (science, policy, and stewardship), Traditional Ecological Knowledge, recreating in nature, and leadership development. More details follow and an application can be found below.


  1. Learn ocean conservation, leadership, policy and Traditional Ecological Knowledge 
  2. Spend time in nature experiencing the coast and ocean 
  3. Develop interpersonal and professional skills
  4. Explore college and career pathways 
  5. Gain access to networking opportunities during and after the program
  6. Verified community service hours
  7. Valuable experience for college applications and resumes
  8. Letters of recommendation/reference
  9. Small scholarship


  1. Ocean conservation mindset
  2. Identify as a member of an Indigenous group
  3. 9 month commitment (September 2022 - May 2023), meets once a month
  4. 13+ years or older
  5. Completion of a group project
  6. Must be willing to abide by evolving COVID-19 guidelines as defined by the CDC and County Health officials
  7. WILDCOAST works to cultivate a collaborative and open learning environment free of bullying, hate speech, and/or discrimination and will expect the same of program participants.


  • Application posts: August, 2022
  • Coastal Leaders Program Begins: September 2022
  • Coastal Leaders Program Ends: May 2023

For questions about the internship please email Ocean Conservation & Outreach Coordinator, Jules Jackson, at jules@wildcoast.org