About Us

WILDCOAST’s strategic, passionate and relentless ecosystem-based approach to conservation is key to our long-lasting impact and success.


WILDCOAST is an international team that conserves coastal and marine ecosystems and addresses climate change through natural solutions.


We envision a society in which ecologically sensitive and globally significant coastal and marine ecosystems and wildlife are conserved, restored and sustained for future generations.


Serge Dedina, Ph.D. - Executive Director

Mónica Franco - Mexico Director

Anne Middleton - Associate Director

Clark Labitan - Director of Finance and Administration

Angela Kemsley - Conservation Director

Ann Wycoff - Development Director

Fay Crevoshay - Communications & Policy Director

Francisco Martínez Vázquez - Mangrove Conservation Director

Tannia Frausto Illescas - Climate Change Director

Celeste Ortega - Mangrove Conservation Manager

Lisa Gilfillan - Ocean Conservation Manager

Mitzi Estefanía Gutiérrez Hernández - Oaxaca Mangrove Restoration Manager

Rosario Norzagaray - Marine Debris Manager

Luis Rojas Cruz - Oaxaca Coast Manager

Rebeca Melendez - Coral Conservation Manager

Yolanda Garces Nicholson - Operations and Human Resources Manager

Rosa Osuna - Administrative Manager, Mexico

Rafael Paredes Montesinos - Wildlands Manager

Paula Tussie Berdichevsky - Mexico Communications and Public Policy Manager

Carlos Callado - Blue Carbon Conservation Coordinator

Gabriela García Vázquez - Oaxaca Coast Coordinator

Omar Perez - Accounting Coordinator

Yehuda Ben-Hamo - Conservation Outreach and Media Coordinator

Lillie Mulligan - Ocean Conservation Coordinator

Sara Leal - Media and Public Relations Coordinator

Omar Meclish - Wildlands Community Ranger

Andrea Musuy Méndez García - Mangrove Restoration Coordinator

Kelvin Saint García - Sea Turtle Conservation Coordinator

Joe Cooper - MPA Contractor

Samantha Campbell - Ocean Conservation Senior Intern

Devon Romero - WILDCOAST Intern

Maddy Goldman - WILDCOAST Intern

Board of Directors

David Price - Board Chair | President of the PriceSmart Foundation and Vice President of Environmental and Social Responsibility

Dominique Cano-Stocco - Vice Chair | Executive Director of External & Government Affairs, Verizon

Craig Gaunce - Treasurer | CPA, Gaunce & Associates, CPAs APC

Josh Chatten-Brown - Secretary | Attorney, Chatten-Brown & Carstens

Emily Welborn Guevara - MS Environmental Science and Management

Doug Sheres - Doug Sheres - Founder, Beach Street Development and Desert Wave Ventures

Heidi Dewar, Ph.D. - Fisheries Research Biologist, Southwest Fisheries Science Center

Dovi Kacev, Ph.D. - Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Laura Araujo Moreno - Tijuana Innovadora -Director of Binational Affairs and Operations

Jill Gartman - San Dieguito Lagoon Committee

Indra Gardiner Bowers - Co-Founder/CEO, 62Above Creative Digital Branding Agency

Advisory Council