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2010 Jimmy Durante Blvd
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Del Mar, California 92014

Tel: (619) 423-8665

COSTASALVAjE, Asociación Civil

Blvd. Las Dunas #160 Interior 203 Fracc. Playa Ensenada Ensenada, B.C. 22880 México

Tel: +52 (646) 152-1518
Fax: +52 (646) 152-1602

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Staff Directory

Serge Dedina, Ph.D - Executive Director

Anne Middleton - Associate Director

Tito Marchant - Senior Director of Conservation and Rewilding

Mónica Franco - Mexico Director

Fay Crevoshay - Communications and Policy Director

Tannia Frausto Illescas - Climate Change Director

Angela Kemsley - Director of Conservation Impact

Clark Labitan - Director of Finance and Administration

Francisco Martínez Vázquez - Mangrove Conservation Director

Rosa Osuna - Administrative Manager, Mexico

Ann Wycoff - Development Director

Yolanda Garces Nicholson - Operations and Human Resources Manager

Mitzi Estefaniía Gutiérrez Hernández - Oaxaca Mangrove Restoration Manager

Rebeca Melendez - Coral Conservation Manager

Rosario Norzagaray - Marine Debris Manager

Celeste Ortega - Mangroves Conservation Manager

Rafael Paredes Montesinos - Wildlands Manager

Luis Rojas Cruz - Oaxaca Conservation Manager

Paula Tussie Berdichevsky - Communications & Policy Manager

Carlos Callado - California Conservation Coordinator

Gabriela García Vázquez - Oaxaca Coast Coordinator

Liliana González Santoyo - Accounting Coordinator

Devon Lukasiewicz - Marketing Coordinator

Andrea Musuy Méndez García - Mangrove Restoration Coordinator

Lillie Mulligan - California Conservation Manager

Omar Perez - Accounting Clerk

Kelvin Saint García - Sea Turtle Conservation Coordinator

Annelise Tappe - Development and Events Coordinator