Mission and Values

As a community-based organization committed to conserving coastal and marine ecosystems and addressing climate change through natural solutions, WILDCOAST believes in:


We improve our world and our ocean environments by instilling leadership principles that empower and encourage others in both rural and urban environments. We are committed to establishing and building strategic and sustainable partnerships through mutual respect and collaboration. We strive to make our organizational practices transparent and accountable to our donors and to the communities we serve.


We achieve our conservation mission by integrating and promoting biological and cultural diversity wherever we serve. We are committed to listening to and acting upon varied perspective that expand, redefine and protect our ecosystems for future generations. We believe that social and environmental justice is central to effective community development as well as ecosystem protection, and that conservation ethics are sustainable through all cultures.


We incorporate and strive to inspire environmental stewardship through all facets of the organization. We believe that all individuals have the capacity to act in responsible and compatible ways that affect our coastal ecosystems and local wildlife. We proactively conserve coastal and marine ecosystems and wildlife


We believe that through discovery, inspiration and education, opportunities can be leveraged for our staff, our volunteers and our supporters. We carry our targeted communication campaigns to build community supports across borders. We are dedicated to engaging multicultural youth and their families as well as the government and the business community in conservation work to improve the quality of life where they live.


We believe that through commitment and acting with integrity we can engage and inspire effective, socially responsible and sustainable use of our coastal resources in order to have the greatest impact in our world. Through our work and our values, we can ignite a passion for marine conservation in each person that will collectively benefit our organization and the world.