Reflecting back on 2021, it has been an unprecedented year of climate crisis. Violent hurricanes, unimaginable wildfires, historic coastal flooding, and severe drought.

Climate change is no longer an abstract concept to debate but a constant reality in our lives. 

Rather than focusing on the paralyzing doom of it all, WILDCOAST is stepping forward as a global leader to drive natural solutions that address the effects of our rapidly changing climate.

And in 2021, significant conservation impact addressing climate change was a result of bold leadership that involved finding innovative solutions, partnering with local communities and organizations committed to taking action, and moving quickly with our nimble, diverse and dynamic team.



In 2022, our goal is to take our knowledge and success from WILDCOAST’s blue carbon projects in the U.S and Mexico and replicate them, expanding into Latin America, so we can help to more quickly preserve the coastal and marine ecosystems that will help us adapt to and mitigate climate change. We already have excellent potential partners and projects throughout coastal Mexico and in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

We are growing our presence on the ground throughout the America’s because we can’t wait for slow-moving governments to protect our frail and quickly disappearing blue carbon ecosystems. We are in a race against time to preserve and restore every coastal and marine ecosystem that helps us to adapt to and mitigate climate change.

Conserving nature must be a priority. Our own survival is dependent on healthy oceans and thriving ecosystems but we are pushing nature to the brink.

Join us and be part of the solution. Please consider making a donation to WILDCOAST so we can tackle climate change and safeguard our Blue Planet!