Batiquitos Lagoon Annual Clean Up

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On November 2nd and 3rd WILDCOAST helped to coordinate the 14th annual Batiquitos Lagoon Kayak clean up with more than 60 participants. Batiquitos Lagoon is one of eleven marine protected areas (MPAs) in San Diego County and provides critical habitat to young and spawning fish and migratory birds. Designated in 2012 as a no-take state marine conservation area (SMCA), Batiquitos Lagoon is typically off limits to those in boats and kayaks. On these two days of the year, however, event volunteers were permitted to access the Lagoon via kayak to help remove scattered and submerged trash. 

While on the water, participants learned about MPAs and the importance of California’s lagoons and tidal marshes as blue carbon resources. Saltwater marshes and sea grasses found in Batiquitos Lagoon help to sequester carbon from the atmosphere at a higher rate than their terrestrial relatives and provide valuable natural climate solutions to climate change. As an organization, WILDCOAST is leading the way in conserving blue carbon ecosystems in the US and Mexico to help mitigate global climate change. 

Participants in the kayak clean up event were also gifted San Diego Wildlife and Recreation guides to help them learn best practices while visiting MPAs and identify recreational activities appropriate in each MPA. These beautifully illustrated guide also provide information on the charismatic wildlife that one might encounter while visiting an MPA. Guides are free to the public and available on WILDCOAST’s website