Conserving Wild Baja 


The Valle de los Cirios region  located in central Baja California, is one of North America’s most unique and richly biodiverse coastlines. It has endemic species, such as the boojum tree, or cirio (Fouquieria columnaris), that only exist in this remote part of Baja California, as well as many other species such, yucca, agave, ocotillo, cardones, and blue palms. The area is also home to mountain lions, desert foxes, bobcats, coyotes, many species of reptiles, and a variety of resident and migratory birds. 


To further aid in the conservation of this globally unique coastal desert wilderness, WILDCOAST recently purchased  445 acres and 1.24 miles of coastline, resulting in a total of 52,505 acres and 36.6 miles of coastline protected in the region.


“We are so excited about this current addition to our Valle de los Cirios conservation portfolio,” said WILDCOAST Associate Director Zach Plopper. “Valle de los Cirios is such a magical and unique area that deserves permanent protection.”

Since 2008, WILDCOAST has created the largest private land reserve in northwestern Mexico, along the Pacific Coast of Valle de los Cirios. The private protected area has been designated as a Voluntary Conservation Area by the federal Mexican government. These areas are certified Natural Protected Areas by Mexico’s National Commission of Natural Protected Areas, thus ensuring their conservation, protection, and management.


WILDCOAST’s mission is to conserve coastal and marine ecosystems and address climate change through natural solutions. One of those solutions is the protection of coastal lands, ensuring their permanence as carbon sinks, buffers against sea level rise and increasing storm activity, as well as a refuge of flora and fauna of high ecological importance.

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