It is “Explore My MPAs” season again!


Get excited for the return of WILDCOAST award-winning youth stewardship project, and join us as we work to prepare the next generation of coastal and marine conservation leaders.

As part of our work to conserve more than a half of a million acres of coastal and marine ecosystems within California’s Marine Protected Area network, we are engaging local students as stewards and scientists.

Through a unique mix of REAL science and community outreach, we arm students with first-hand knowledge of cutting-edge survey techniques and we help expose them to the challenges and incredible rewards of a career in marine biology.  Students leave our labs excited about the future of marine conservation and confident about the potential impact they can make within their local communities.

What makes our project so special is that our work directly contributes real data to high-impact partner organizations like the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the MPA Watch Program! Last year, students even discovered the presence of microplastics in our plankton nets.

Recently, we have also begun to incorporate a new underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) activity into our Floating Laboratories to further show students how technology can make a huge impact on our research.