Malibu Beach Clean Up with Shiseido, WSL Pure + WILDCOAST

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On July 23, 2021, WILDCOAST joined forces with the World Surf League and Shiseido for a beach cleanup initiative in Malibu as part of the Shiseido Blue Project. Shiseido’s first West Coast cleanup took place at Zuma Beach, part of the 16 square-mile Point Dume State Marine Conservation Area, one of the 124 Marine Protected Areas (underwater parks) that WILDCOAST helps conserve off the coast of California.

Our team helped engage volunteers on the issues surrounding marine debris and plastic pollution and its impact on marine life and human health. Nearly 17.6 billion pounds of trash ends up in our ocean every year, that’s equivalent to about 57,000 blue whales. WILDCOAST is working bi-nationally to reduce the amount of plastic waste that ends up in marine environments.

We were pleased to have some of Hollywood’s renowned celebrities, including Adrian Grenier and Katharine McPhee, Amanda Stanton, Kassidy Ramirez, Clayton Cardenas, join us to remove debris from the shoreline and the mouth of Zuma Creek while helping raise awareness about  WILDCOAST’s conservation efforts, Shiseido Blue Project and WSL’s We Are One Ocean campaign.

“Conservation starts from the ground up and takes action every day. We were thrilled to be a part of the cleanup as it brought the community together to inspire action and support WSL Pure’s We Are One Ocean campaign and the Shiseido Blue Project,” explains associate director Zach Plopper.

WILDCOAST is a grantee of WSL Pure and a partner in the We Are One Ocean campaign to carry out our mission to conserve coastal and marine ecosystems and addresses climate change through natural solutions. WILDCOAST protects some of the world’s most beautiful and ecologically important coastal + marine ecosystems.

Thanks to our partners at WSL Pure and Shiseido for a great event!! And  special thank you to Adrian Grenier and Kat McPhee for spreading awareness that we need to keep plastic and other marine debris out of our oceans!

Please enjoy this video on the Shiseido Beach Cleanup!

Video Credit:  Shiseido + Cinematographer Will Tee Yang