New oil spill in Salina Cruz, Mexico, threatens sea turtle nesting sites along Oaxaca’s coast.

Sea Turtles

Earlier this week, a crude oil spill was spotted by fishermen on the banks of Salinas del Marqués on the coast of Oaxaca, approximately 4.3 miles from the port of Salina Cruz.

Area fishermen observed a black slick in the ocean allegedly coming from Mexican Petroleum (PEMEX), near the same area that  PEMEX vessels come to load oil before exporting it to other countries or states in Mexico.

WILDCOAST has contacted PEMEX and notified the Mexican Navy about the spill and will continue working with PEMEX to ensure response efforts take place immediately to lessen impacts on sea turtle nesting beaches. So far we have confirmed that the coastal communities of Guelaguichi, Concepción Bamba, Chitegua, and Salina Cruz have been affected by the spill.

In the midst of sea turtle season, where more than 100,00 olive ridley sea turtles are expected to arrive on local beaches the timing of this oil spill couldn’t be more untimely. It is critical that local community members, and PEMEX respond to this disaster to ensure the least impact on sea turtles and their nesting beaches.

WILDCOAST will continue to take immediate steps to support local communities in their response efforts, and ensure PEMEX and other state agencies respond accordingly to this disaster.

In August 2012, the same PEMEX oil refinery spilled hundreds of gallons of crude oil on neighboring sea turtle nesting beaches, affecting over 120 miles of coastline. More than fifty sea turtles were reportedly killed as a result of the oil spill.

WILDCOAST will keep monitoring the situation and will report any new updates.