Opinion: When celebrating Earth Day, don’t forget our coast and the ocean

You don’t have to travel far to experience one of the most important wildlife migratory corridors on the planet. Just offshore from San Diego is a Blue Corridor or superhighway for fin, blue, gray and humpback whales. These leviathans are joined by white and mako sharks, elephant seals, leatherback sea turtles and bluefin tunas. Closer to shore, leopard sharks, bottlenose dolphins, harbor seals and sea lions make their home along San Diego’s gorgeous shoreline, providing a cornucopia of ocean wildlife for residents and visitors alike. The presence of such a rich marine environment off of our coastline is a reason to celebrate this Earth Day, but also to take stock of how we can protect the ocean treasures that make San Diego a jewel for all of us who call it home. With news about accelerating climate change, and especially record ocean temperatures, it is easy to get cynical and/or hopeless about repairing our planet... Read More