Ocean Day California 2017

Image Oceana Pacifica

On Tuesday, March 14th, WILDCOAST’s conservation team headed to California’s state capital for the 12th annual California Ocean Day 2017. This annual event allows coastal and marine conservation focused agencies the opportunity to connect with elected officials at the state level to advocate for healthy ecosystems and clean oceans. This important work comes just weeks after one of the largest sewage spill in recent history in the Tijuana River. This unprecedented spill of sewage just south of WILDCOAST’s offices in Imperial Beach has close beaches throughout south San Diego county and poses a major public health and safety risk. To highlight the importance of our oceans, WILDCOAST sat down for face-to-face conversations with some of California’s most influential legislators to discuss important upcoming legislation and inspire conservation of California’s iconic ocean and coastline.

To learn about some of the legislation discuss at the 2017 California Ocean Day please follow this

and search by “bill number”.

Some of the legislation slated for 2017 that was discussed included:

  • Marine Life Protection

    • SB 44

    • SB 49

    • SB 50

    • SB 290

    • SB 709

    • AB 574

    • AB 1151

  • Plastic Pollution

    • SB 386

    • AB 725

    • SB 705

    • AB 319

    • AB 1594

  • Sustainable Seafood

    • SB 402

    • SB 296

  • Coastal access

    • AB 18

    • AB 1129

    • AB 663