Punta Bandera, a severely outdated and dysfunctional sewage treatment plant five miles south of the U.S.-Mexico border, discharges over 40 million gallons per day of raw sewage, polluting world class surf spots like Baja Malibu and fouling beaches and world-class wildlife reserves on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border.

To make maters worse, thousands of tons of plastics are washed across the border and into the ocean with each rain. Insufficient trash collection services, compounded by the lack of a recycling program in the city cause Styrofoam, plastic bags, straws and plastic bottles to enter trans boundary waterways and the ocean with each rain.

WILDCOAST has been fighting to clean up border pollution for over a decade and is working across the border, in Tijuana and Rosarito with local communities and elected officials to implement solutions.

Two weeks ago WILDCOAST and City of Tijuana councilmembers held a press conference to demand that Mexican authorities fix the environmental and public health threat caused by Punta Bandera.

A video depicting the plant’s sewage discharge has reached one million views in Baja California and has helped to spur a petition to demand that the authorities in Mexico fix the outrageous source of ocean pollution.

In partnership with City of Tijuana officials and Tijuana’s Industrial Chamber of Commerce, WILDCOAST is in the process of supporting a historic ban on single use plastic bags.

If that ban is adopted, Tijuana would become the first and largest coastal city in Mexico to prohibit plastic bags that are fouling our ocean and killing wildlife.

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