WILDCOAST in the News!

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WILDCOAST is making waves in the news this week! Check out these features from Sunday’s San Diego Union-Tribune, including two op-ed pieces by our team on the importance of our marine protected areas in California and our successful wildlands conservation and rewilding efforts in Baja California.

We are excited and honored to have these stories featured and our conservation work amplified. We hope you find them as inspiring as we do and take comfort in knowing that your support is what makes it all possible.

Opinion: This untouched piece of coast in Baja California embodies the importance of conservation 

“That is why we will continue to work with our partners and the local communities who have selflessly safeguarded these remote coastal wildernesses that protect nature as it was meant to be — truly wild.”

Opinion: Marine Protected Areas allow underwater ecosystems to thrive by leaving them alone

“It is our collective responsibility to champion conservation efforts that will safeguard them in perpetuity.”