WILDCOAST Promotes Ocean Conservation at Comic-Con with the MythBusters

At this year’s 2018 San Diego Comic-Con International, WILDCOAST’s Marine Protected Areas Coordinator, Angela Kemsley, joined the MythBuster’s Build Team, comprised of crash-test girl Kari Byron, Hollywood model maker Tory Belleci, and robot master Grant Imahara, as part of the panel, “Popular Science: Beyond Entertainment.”

“As the world’s premier entertainment and comics convention, Comic-Con attracts over 130,000 attendees from all over the world each year, including some of the top names in Hollywood,” said Angela. “It was an honor be able to talk about the need to protect California’s coast and ocean with the awesome MythBusters team and reach such a large audience.”

For over fifteen years the MythBusters have been answering life’s most important questions and making science cool again on their explosive Discovery Channel television series.

How hard is it to find a needle in a haystack? Can duct tape really be used to build a fully functioning cannon? Can you create a seven foot tall LEGO ball and roll it down a hill?

Over 1,000 Comic-Con attendees waited in line for hours to hear the Mythbusters and local scientists discuss how the scientific method can be used in everyday life, how failure in science is not really failure, and how everyday people can get involved in ocean conservation projects, like WILDCOAST’s MPA Watch (www.wildcoast.org/mpawatch).

“It was definitely the funnest conference panel I’ve been part of,” said Angela. “And I’m grateful to the Mythbusters for inviting WILDCOAST to participate.”

Check out the video here https://youtu.be/9ikCnY_FF_I and be sure to check out www.wildcoast.org to learn more about how you can help support WILDCOAST’s science and conservation projects!

By the way, the answers are: really hard, yes, no.