WILDCOAST’s 55,0000-acre Baja California – Los Cirios Protected Area Registered with Mexican Government


Since 2008, WILDCOAST has been protecting land through purchases, easements, and management on the Valle de los Cirios Pacific Coast, a remote coastal wilderness area on the Baja California Peninsula. To date, WILDCOAST has protected more than 51,000 acres and 36 miles of shoreline in the region.

This month, Mexico’s Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, National Commission of Natural Protected Areas, and congress and senate commissions honored WILDCOAST with a certificate for the coastal wilderness protected on Los Cirios coast – giving it formal designation as a “voluntary area for conservation” and included in Mexico’s registry for protected areas.

“Through this effort WILDCOAST and the Mexican government has essentially created core areas for conservation on the Baja California Peninsula,” explained Fay Crevoshay, WILDCOAST’s Communications and Policy Director. “This area represents the last intact desert wilderness left in North America. It is uniquely rich in beauty and wildlife.”